Friday, June 22, 2012

Ohio State University Comp: Mar 1996

Ohio State Comp 3/2/96

3rd R/V Waltz w/ Sari
3rd Am W/F w/ Chris
3rd Am Tango w/ Chris
3rd Int Vwaltz w/ Chris
5th WCS w/ Pam
5th Am Rumba w/ Chris
6th Int Sa/J w/ Chris
6th Merengue w/ Chris
6th Int W/Q w/ Chris
6th Am Cha w/ Chris
6th R/V Fox w/ Sari

Background info: This was the first comp in a 1.5 years that I did not dance
with Liz. Liz was unable to take off from work two weekends in a row and
CMU's comp is next week. I ended up competing with Chris Jelen, a friend from
the OSU team  - who has been around forever (something like 6 years
competeing) but is now partnerless and hasn't danced since England.

The drive down was a ton of fun. In my car was Danny, Angie, Michael, and
Annie.... I was really glad to have Danny in my car, b/c I was in a very
talkative mood on Friday. And with Danny you can definately keep a
conversation going.... it is not usually all that interesting (Danny is great
at useless information). We stopped at this huge mall in Wheeling... and they
happened to have one of those photo booths right near the entrance that we
walked in. So all 5 of us crammed into the booth... the lens was very small
on the camera and we all squashed in to only get 1/2 of our faces in the
picture - It was a lot of fun. While we were eating at the mall - somehow we
got on the topic of imitating each other.... that was a ton of fun... I did
some of Michael, Angie, Mikey, and Danny (they had already seen all of my Pat
imitations). Danny did a couple of me that were particularly funny. In Ohio,
we were all supposed to meet up at the "hospitality house" to get together
with our repsective hosts... Well the directions to the house were not very
good... but luckily we had Mapman (Danny) with us and using his superhuman
navigational skills quickly identified the problem and directed us to the
hospitality house without a problem.

Chris came over rather quickly and Danny, Angie, and I went back to her place
to crash. She is so much fun.... very random. She gave us a tour of her
apartment and would say thinigs like "her is my kitchen... oh and here is the
plate I chipped a year ago... and her is my bookshelf and the book I just
finsihed reading.... oh and here is the picture my brother made for me 3
years ago." It was very random... but still fun. We all talked until 1 or so
then went to bed.

Nothing really special happened in the morning.. I fed bobby pins to chris as
she tried to do her hair...The comp was organized very weird... It was a 2
day comp but they didn't have as many people as they thought that they were
going to. It just seemed like there was a lot of down time....It was
especailly boring because there was only 6 advanced couples there... That
ment that everything that we danced was a final. So on Sat, outside of
rookie/vet we only got do dance about 4 times. We danced
smooth,rhyhtm,standard - Latin was on Sunday....That was just so wrong
switching back and forth between the stlyes like that.  It was kinda fun -
chris and I ended up faking most of all the Americans b/c I know so little
and she forgot so much.  The social that night was fun. I wasn't in a
particularly social mood.. I hung out more then I danced. It was still fun -
I did a couple of 2 people dances. and I led Pat and Danny some. Did a great
2-step w/ Pam. That night we talked for about 3 hours. I ended up giving
Angie a back massage for about an hour or so.. That was fun - I haven't given
a massage in a really long time.

Having a 2 day comp is just so wrong. Trying to get your hips moving -
especailly on day two is very wrong. We did okay on Sunday. I'm so much more
confident in International and it showed too.. Chris even mentioned it. It
was cool - I got a lot of compliments on my lead. The A team won both styles
by one point. By sunday - all the other schools had left - so it was just OSU
and CMU. It was very bizzare being on B team. It gives a completely different
outlook. on things. We left soon after that. I had Danny and Angie drive home
b/c I was heading to D/c that night.... I finished with the drive to DC and
that is where we are now....

I think that Chris really enjoyed dancing again. I'm really glad that I got a
chance to compete with her.


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