Friday, June 22, 2012

Florida Dancesport: Jan 1996

3rd Am R/C
3rd Am Team
3rd Caberet (Charleston)

New Year's Day
The drive down was fairly easy. It took us about 20 hrs to get to Clearwater. listened to all kinds of music. Mike Kajane was in our car, so we ended up listening to African music for a couple of hours that was pretty neat. Hours after we arrived we had a workshop... Advanced American Rhythm w/ Dan Calloway. This was 4 hours of solid hip movement... It was such a awesome workshop... It had put me in a totally latin mood for several days. I was hitting lunches and moving my hips for several days afterwards. There was a social dance that night. That was fun...I had a great time socializing and meeting people. It was a lot of fun flirting. I have some new friends from UT, Las Vegas, and NYU.

2nd Day:
Liz was not feeling well that morning, so she slept in. I went to a Latin workshop and learned really cool latin technique. That evening we had a private lesson with delaware's coach. He has some really cool metaphors. He said that we dance like Drew and Liz and we shouldn't. We should dance like Hernando and Lolita. He also said the samba was like a jungle cat in the forest. You can see the strength, but it is not being used. It was really a cool lesson. There were not very many things for us to compete it that night...

3rd Day:
Liz was still not feeling well. She felt so bad that she went to the doctor. Appearently she is very skillful and managed to get her entire head infected. She had an ear,sinus, and throat infection. Isn't that impressive? I took another latin workshop while she was at the hospital - learned some cool samba and jive stuff. Since liz was feeling so bad we didn't compete at all that day. BTW, a day was typically 8:30-12:30 Workshops, 1:30-6:00 Comps, 7:00-midnight Comps. Everyday.....

The next day:
Liz slept in again. I went to an AMAZING workshop. This was taught be Richard Diaz, 3 time latin champ.... and I found out that he was trained as a Mech E! Instant Idol. He could explain things very anaylically - It was great! We competed in 1.5 latin events that evening, but that was all that Liz was up for.We also performed all of our Caberet's... wow were they fun! I had a balst in all of them. The Charelston made call backs.

Friday was the US college Championships. Liz was feeling pretty good today. We competed in all Rhythm, Latin, and Standard. We did pretty good all things considered. We ended up getting 3rd in American team match. Not bad.... Everybody loved the dress... Absolutely everyone was commenting on it. Even Kay Teague said it was a BEAUTIFUL dress. You done good, Mom. All the dancing on Friday kinda did her in though and she felt miserable the next day.

A went to a standard workshop this morning b/c I wasn't in the mood for latin any more. We didn't compete much b/c she wasn't up to it... but we did do the Charelston finals. We got third. That was so cool. I'm really glad that that worked out.

Sunday, we both slept in. There was nothing for us to compete in in the afternood, and then we went to the social that night. Liz was still feeling crappy so she didn't get a chance to dance much at the social. These intercollegiate things don't treat her well. She missed the last day social in England too, b/c of her hip. I had a great time though.

We ended up bumming around monday and resting. We decided not to drive back b/c of the snow. We left late tues evening so that we would drive through Florida and other non snow areas at night and hit the bad stuff during the day. We planned it perfectly. The drive back was not bad at all. To kill time from hotel checkout until evening departure... we went to the beach and then we ate at Ninfas... Yes we found a ninfas (parrot and all) in Fl.

Liz slept the whole way back... and most of today too. She will probablly stay here until she is well enough to return to DC.

Sorry that this wasn't very descriptive of the trip. but not a whole lot of descriptive stuff happened. I had fun and I learned alot... I think it was oaky for liz too... she said that the trip was worthwile for her as well. I wasn't as social as I could have been b/c I was looking out for Liz a lot. But it was still a lot of fun.

Oh well... gotta run!

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