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Connecticut State Games Comp: July 1995

Conneticut State Games
July 23, 1995

People involved:
Me & Liz
Mike & Jessica
Sam & Mickey
Craig & Vivian

3rd Int Cha S/G
2nd Int Samba S/G
3rd Int Jive S/G
2nd Int Cha Open
2nd Int Rumba Open
1st Int Samba Open
2nd Am Cha Br
2nd Am Rumba Br
3rd Am Swing Br
3rd Am Mambo Br
3rd Am Rumba S/G
3rd Am Swing S/G
2nd Am Mambo S/G
2nd Am Cha Open
2nd Am Rumba Open
2nd Am Mambo Open
3rd Int Rumba S/G
2nd Int Foxtrot Open
2nd Int Quickstep Open
1st Int Vwaltz Open
1st Int Tango Open
1st Int Waltz Open
2nd Int Fox/Tango S/G
3rd Int W/Qs S/G
1st Int Vwaltz Br
2nd Int Fox/Tango Br
2nd Int W/Qs Br
1st Am Vwaltz Br
1st Am Vwaltz Open
3 Bronze medals - I've lost what they were all for though.
5 Silver Medals
1 Gold Medal

So we started driving on Sat around noon. We took two cars - mine as the people car and Mikey's as the luggage car. We unfortunately took this really slow road and we got stuck behind this incredible slow driver for about 1/2 hour or more. The drive wasn't bad...I had all of my good driving tapes with me. I drove for .5 the way and Liz drove the other half. We listened to a great song from Micheal. This guy was singing about the three most important things in life, not sex, drugs, and rock&roll - but music, sex, and cookies. It was such an awesome song. VERY appropriate. There was one part in the song when he was descriping a woman that he had met, put on some nice music, broke out the oreos, but the he said that she turned cold. And so he said "Two out of three ain't bad" (Trust me there is a point).... So later in the drive, we were talking about the song again. And Liz sang the music,sex,and cookies part.... I turned to her, looked her square in the eye, and said "eh, two out of three ain't bad" - It took her a couple of seconds to read the full meaning into that - then she was laughing really hard for the next 20 minutes. I think that this song is going to be my theme song.

We finally got to Viv's house, which is in NY, about an 1.5 hours away from the comp. Her  parents were awesome! The cooked us a BBQ w/ hamburgers and steaks and such. It was great! It was too bad that my stomach was upsetting me and I couldn't really eat much. We ended up going to bed fairly soon after dinner so that we could wake up insanely early to do makeup and to leave. The comp was held in a gymnasium of a local collage. No A/C and an incredible slow floor... Double turns were out of the question and American spins were excedingly difficult. But the music was AWESOME....

We started with Latin - which is SO wrong. We did very poorly for us... it is b/c we like latin... So that kinda sucked. Our routines were okay, but we were nervous (at least I was) so we didn't do all that well... It was so hot too... I was completely drenched. There was one time when we were all ready to do Rumba, and it was supposed to be a Samba. So liz kinda did this travelling rythym bounce which reminded me a lot of (this is totally rude) but it reminded me a lot of what Ozone looks like when she is wiping her butt ... you know the squatting and moving forward.... Liz didn't actually look like that - but that was the imagery that I was having. But I think that it was that one that we placed first in - how ironic. We totally faked our way through American style though.

We did really well in Smooth. First place vwaltzing across the floor. ALthough there was one time in tango when I went to lead a swivel and b/c we were both so wet w/ sweat - my hand slipped off her back and it ended up being a totally missed lead. They played one 5 minute vwaltz... it was kinda fun. Since once you got your momentum going, you could actually concentrate on the other aspects... like standing up straighter, smiling, fixing hand position, and stop turnning my head. See it is really hard - I naturally spot - but that also means in something like vwaltz, my head crosses onto her side often.... So I actually stopped spotting. Whoa Dizzy.

There was a reporter there who's angle on the his story was how hot it was. So he was desparately trying to get a picture of us toweling off. So I gave him a shot of my drying off my head similar to a person drying there butt/back off. It was kinda amuzing.

After smooths, Liz was unable to change b/c the arm things were definately not coming off while she was so wet...So we went to go sit out in the car for a while. She however could not close the door b/c of her dress... So she decided just to get comfortable. She put her feet up on the dash.. The next thing that I hear is (oooh, OOOOOH ) - very sexual sounding crys... Well with her feet up on the dash - the air was able to go right down her legs. I think that she really liked that.

So we changed and prepared to go... I talked to Ingrid for a while. Ingrid was the girl I met in the Carribean over Xmas and who is a ballroom dancer living in CT. So it was really cool that she was there. I drove the 1.5 hours back to Viv's - I was exhausted when I got back. I was SO tired. Serge drove and Liz was copilot. Jessica - who was very worried b/c she still had several hours of work to do before going to work the next day and was having a very hard time sleeping... I told her that I've been told I make a comfy pillow. So she ended up falling asleep on me. So about 1.5 hours later I wake up and find that we are on the side of a very crowded NY freeway. Liz tells me that Michael's tapes - which happen to be sitting on the back bumper of the other car in our caravan - just bounced off (Mike is VERY attached to his tapes)... So so said that she was going to try to collect them. Now having just woken up - I was not thinking clearly... I tell her that she should at least take someone with her. About a minute after she and Craig left.... it hit me what was going on and I told Jess - that I no longer felt comfortable. Liz and Craig were dodging traffic to recover tapes and we lost the other truck... when they finally returned w/ 1 tape.... we then proceeded to try to catch up with the others. I couldn't go back to sleep b/c I was still not comfortable w/ the fact that we lost the other car. I also couldn't sleep b/c there is something developing between Serge and Liz and having them both together made me a little uneasy as well... After about 1.5 hours - we all were watching every truck closely to see if we could find our friends. We past this one rest station where we see the truck and our friends standing by the side of the freeway. Liz and I both yell out there they are (same with the people by the side of the road).... Unfortunatly, while doing this - I happened to throw Jessica almost completely off me... And she had just fallen asleep too.

The rest of the drive back was painful. It was really long and tiring. Just like every other Sunday comp that we have ever done.

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