Friday, June 22, 2012

Carnegie Mellon Comp - Mar 1995

Why hello.... I know that it has been forever since I talked to you.... But God have I been busy. I tell you as much as I remember.

I think that I'll start with Wed. Don't remember classes.... In Ballroom that night all that we did was organize things for the comp.

On thurs.... remember that test that I told you I made a very large collection of stupid mistakes.... Well, I barely passed that test - I got a 62.

I spent all of Thur night finishing my problem set and stayed up till about 5 working on the program.

Friday was just bad
When the chicken went off at 7 that morning... Matt happen to already by up at the computer- I think I mumbled in my semi-sleep state to turn it off, which he did. I got a phone call at about 9:55 - 1.5 hours into my first class... So I bolted from bed to class. This prod however is one of those that if the hmwk is not in in the first 5 minutes - then he doesn't accept it... I went to work for a little bit and then spent the rest of the time working on the program. The program took me all night to finish.... So I didn't sleep at all before Sat. That was bad for the comp - very bad.

I went over to Liz's at about 6:15 (almost immediately after we finished the printing at Kinko's)... I helped her pack, and then she put makeup on me. Things like shadow, mascara, and she added some eyebrows.

We got to the place that we were dancing at at around 7:05 to set up and such. We started dancing at 9...

I danced rookie/vet with Jee Sun and Stephanie. We had lots of fun and I danced very well - didn't place though.

The smooths were weird... I danced them well, but it was strange... Every dance Liz said my arm was too low on her back... but it felt like my arm was above my sholder. I think that this might be a result of the the tails. And then for some reason, either fighting with the tails, the lack of sleep, the lack of practice - whatever - my right arm was totally tense.... It is even sore today. We got called back for almost everything - even made it to finals in Int Foxtrot and Tango - I have no clue where this one came from.

After that things just were weire... During latin - we danced awesome... Everything felt really good. We didn't even get called back!? I don't understand.

Then during the fun dances (salsa, WCS, and hustle)... we made it to finals in all three. Didn't place in any of them. Got dead last in WCS...This was such a shock b/c everybody said that ours was the best.... When I talked to one of the judges today in the workshops about it... he said that we were off time in the finals and that is why we lost it.

By this time... I was definately in teh comotose state. If you looked into my eyes, you could see that there was nobody home. This was really bad b/c team matches were next. And there was nothing that I could do get myself there.... I was out of adrenaline and energy... I managed to pull off some magic trick during team matches b/c we kicked some serious ASS!!!! CMU came in FIRST in BOTH AMERICAN and INTERNATIONAL styles. Go CMU!!!!

Then we had a couple of demos and onto general dancing... by about 10:15... I was useless... It was at the point where if I stoped moving - I'd fall alseep. So I told Liz and Pat that I was going to take a nap and to wake me in 30 minutes.... So I fell alseep on the floor in the hallway. It was funny though. I woke up to find several notes from the team members on my stomach....

After I painfully helped clean up. We went over to Pam's to just hang out... I fell asleep there almost immediately... We didn't stay there long b/c everybody was exhausted... when we left.... I was so tired that my eyes were tearing just b/c they were open. It wasn't like they were moist - I was full out crying. I thought that that was pretty scary.

Today we had 5 workshops that we attended. They started at 9:30 - so I only got 5 hrs... makingin me really tired today. Tehy were awesome workshops though. I learned some new tango and an awesome Cha sequence... Learned what Judges look for, some Intl Fox technique and samba technique..

I spent the rest of the day w/ Liz - helping her pack for her conference in Las Vegas. I went to the airport with her and then drove her car back. She lent it to me for the week.

Anyways.... I think that I'm going to go to bed

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