Friday, June 22, 2012

Catholic University Comp: November 1995

Key players
Liz, Mom
Kim, Kyle
Mickey, Danny


We left around noon... I had Danny, Mikey, Bryce, and Brian in my car. DAnny brought his CD player which was cool and we listened to George Carlin for the first couple of hours. I was so excited to get there... I couldn't wait to see Liz and all of my other friends from other schools. The social that night was a lot of fun. Practiced with liz lots, danced around lots. I a samba with Lisa. Lisa, you might rember from ohio comp... she is natalie's friend... we went to the nightclub together at OSU. Well she is one of the top couples right now in the collegiate circuit... that was fun. Samba even... one of the hardest to lead and follow... on a crowded dance floor. Then I danced with Natalie... who I haven't danced with since DC comp. She said "Damn, I feel good"... that is such a great thing to hear. We left the social and went right to bed.... b/c the comp was starting earlier then usual becasue there were over 300 competitors.

The competition had been moved from where it was last year to the gym. The area of the gym that we were on happened to have a rubberized floor. I thought it was going to be really tough to move on it. But the only thing that was excessively hard was heel drags in smooths. But boy could you get flight.... you could totally push off from the floor and not have to worry about slipping. You should have seen our vwaltz... a long side in 2.5 turns. We were cruising. The floor also made the tango very staccato.

The comp was really bad. There were too many competitors, very deep cuts, and poor judging. All of CMU and Delaware top dancers got totally screwed. The judges didn't move at all and clustered at one corner of the floor, once you danced by them you could of walked the rest of the way around and they wouldn't have been able to tell... Plus I didn't think too highly of the judges either. Liz and I barely made any callbacks. We didn't even make first cuts in R/C. It was just too easy to get missed. The cuts were like bring back 30 out of 70... IT was just insane. Out of everyone that I talked too... it didn't seem like anybody was having fun.

The fun part of the comp though was during team matches... tango to be specific. The power went out... This was such a great bonding experience. People started singing tango to let the people finish their routines. You know... dah dant da da da, da-da-da-da-da. Then Boston U broke out singing Cumbia (sp), Day-o, and Zombie Jamboree. Some people danced to the light of flashlights while others just made shadow puppets on the walls. While we were waiting for power to come back on we held our awards ceremony. Since there was no power... everyone had to stay quiet. When somebody one and they would cheer - they would get a resounding "SHHHH".
It was amuzing. We waited for about an hour and determined that we were not able to resume the comp. So we had to try to gather our stuff in the dark... that was fun. You had to try to remember where you through everything. I think we got all that I we had though.

Then when we went to load the car... we discovered that we were in a fairly good sized snow storm... It had already built up an inch or more. Of course that morning it was in the 60's so all of us were in our measly ballroom jackets. Wow was it cold. Since we had barely danced (no callbacks - we were all still in the mood to do something). And since we had had such a bad day... some of us were in the mood to drink. So we went to a resturant bar. This made me very uncomfortable... we had a 4 car caravan in the snow. Liz was driving/leading... I'm very confident of Liz's driving ability in the snow... but I was still very uncomfortable.

We ended up going to benigans. the people there were Liz and I, Kim and Kyle (Delaware friends), Pat and Anna (from Houston/Brown), Pam and Andy (new boyfriend), Anne (Andy's partner and all around fun person), Mickey, and Pete. Basically it was a major bitch session about the comp. A little discussion about cabarets. It was kinda funny... Liz had left her wallet at home and didn't have her ID. So I had to order a drink for her, and she had to be sneaky about drinking it. It was kinda amuzing.

Then we went back to Liz's.... Pam and Pat were staying at Anne's so we didn't get to see them much... That night we forced Kim and Kyle to stay up and talk with us for a little while on Mom's bed... then we all crashed pretty hard.

Sunday morning we had to wake up really early to attend an intercolligiate meeting. WE discussed what works and doesn't work in our various clubs. I presented my inter-collegiate social idea. And everybody loved it. They also suggested that we form an IC committee to just discuss problems and other issues. It was a really good meeting. Then at the end of it. Liz and I performed our Open Rumba routine, b/c since the comp was cut short  - we never got a chance to perform it. We've only practiced it for two weeks now. Then we forced Kim and Kyle to perform their new open paso routine, b/c they to didn't get a chance to perform it. We then took an advanced vwaltz class - that was just awesome. In the next wkshop - Adv Am Latin... we really didn't like the instructor - so Me and Liz and Kim and Kyle and Mickey. We had a really good bonding time.

After that we went to California Pizza for dinner... this place specializes in non-traditional pizza. It was a lot of fun. The five of us all ordered different pizza's and completely shared. Everyone got a piece of every pizza. It was so great. Passing pizza, trading pizza, taking a bite and passing it on. Very cool.. you were basically full before you even touched your own remaining pieces.

On leaving, I gave everyone a hug... including Kyle - which I think really surprized him. Kim said that he doesn't hug guys at all... But I don't think he really had a choice. I don't even think he knew what hit him.

The way back was FUN! I slept for the first half (Danny drove), but the second half.. .we laughed the entire way back. I couldn't even tell you what we talked about, but we were in tears for the entire two hours... Then after dropping everyone off - I Drove back toy parking garage where I let Mikey park her car in my spot. We ended up talking and laughing for another two hours in the garage. My cheeks and stomach were so sore Mon. It was a really good time. It is too bad that the comp sucked so much... otherwise it would have been a really great weekend.

Now I'm just completely swamped with work... which I really should get back to.

I'll talk to ya later.

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