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Carnegie Mellon Comp: Mar 1996

CMU competition 96 , March 9th/96

4th Int C/R Open
4th Int S/J Open
4th Am Sw Open
4th R/V Waltz w/ Stephannie Sicard
3rd Am C/R Open
3rd Am Vw Syllabus
3rd Am W/F Syllabus
3rd Int W/Q Syllabus
2nd Int F/T Syllabus
2nd Am Mambo Open
1st Int VW Syllabus

We had our social dance in the gym. It was not the best space but it seemed to go well. It got crowded really fast though. Liz showed me a new ending to our samba routine. It is a really cool new ending. I even was able to encorporate it this weekend. We had some fun mixers tonight as well... we did an all female quickstep and an all male Samba. Pat and I had never danced samba together - we would have done better but he kept getting confused and turned the wrong way. Then we had a raunchy rumba contest. Whoa! Ballroom dancers are so great! We are talking just short of taking all of their clothes off. Some of the activities during R_rumba including, untucking shirts / taking them off the guys. Taking of the guy;s belt/tie and using it in a provactive manner... and lots of other things... The best part had to have been that 2 of the "judges" members of our team - actually "old farts" on our team.... happened to be rather conservative. It was great watching their reaction.

Kim and Kyle arrived right as we were leaving the gym - It was a good thing... I was getting kinda worried about them. We all went back to my place and hung out and talked till about 2:30 or so. We had decided that we would bother Derek least if he slept in the bed room and we all slept on the floor in the living room...So I brought out my mattress and Kim and Kyle appropriately arranged the soaf cushions. We all ended up sleeping togehter. That was cool. Didn't get much sleep though.

The morning started off long... Playing full songs and slow judging. But that was okay. Smooth and Standard felt okay. I have no idea where the 1st in vwaltz came from...I can only think that the judges stopped looking at us after the first lap, b/c after that we definately looked really bad. Tango felt awesome though. Liz was going really far back on the reverse cortes and it just felt GREAT!..That was the morning... and since we were dancing open - we didn't dance again until that night like aruond 9:30 - 10... IT was very cool to be able to wear real people clothes for most of the comp. We danced all of our latins fairly well... Except international Rumba. Liz was totally going off on her own - didn't even need me there at all. It was pretty fun though b/c there were a lot of spectators that I knew there. Team matches went great! Our American Rumba was the sexiest it has EVER felt. IT was so cool!

Unfortunately we were not able to finish team matches (or the rest of the comp for that matter). Appearently there was a miscommunication about the time that we had to be out of the building. We thought it was midnight and they thought it was 11. We tried doing some last minute negotiation w/ the owner, but he said "I'll be there in 20 minutes, I'm turning off the power ana calling 911 - click" So we ruslted everything up and got everyone out of the place in 20 minutes. It was very impressive. Sad that it had to happen, but very impressive non the less. So the judges didn't have time to finish judging the last round - so we couldn't really have a winner from the team matches.

Afterwards we all went over to Pat's. It was a really cool spontaneous party. We had CMU, georgetown, Delaware, Maryland, and a handfull of other people there. I wasn't feeling well at this point. I think I was really dehydrated from the day and all the dust that was in the ballroom. If I would have eaten ANYTHING I would have vomitted. So I didn't have as much fun at the party as I could have. We came back and I had a really hard time sleeping b/c I still wasn't feeling well.

We woke up a little early to go have a real breakfast. I still wasn't feeling well at this point. I thought I was. I tried a little bit of food at breakfast and promptly threw up into my cup. I've have never wanted to crawl away into a cave so bad in my life. But appearently I really impressed everyone (Kim, Kyle, Liz) because I had perfect aim... none spilled out of the cup and they didn't even really notice. All that they saw was a cup. Still INCREDIBLY embrasssing. But I felt instantly better.

We then attended some workshops. The first one was an advanced foxtrot move. It was really cool. Involves a lunge and lots of swaying and stuff. The second workshop was a latin technique workshop - it seemed to be tailored just for us. The instructor covered absolutely everything that Liz and I are currently working on. It was very helpful... All that I can say is that I'm haunted by footspeed. That is my biggest problem right now. My feet don't move fast enough. Basically I'm doing "OneTwoThreeFour" instead of "One     Two      Three     Four" (did you get that - It is a REALLY hard thing to describe in email). After that we ended up practicing and hanging out in the hallway for a really long time.

Then Pat, Pam, Liz, Danny, Mikey all went out to eat. I was FINALLY able to. We stayed and talked there for a long time. After that, Liz decided to stay the night and leave really early that morning. We hadn't moved the mattress back so we ended up sleeping on the floor agian. The coolest thing, was that however we ended up was the most comfortable sleeping position that we have found yet! That was so neat. We fell asleep at around 9pm

We woke up at 3:30 so she could leave. After that I went back to sleep until 9am. I wasn't even tired on Monday unlike usual comps.

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