Friday, June 22, 2012

Indianapolis Comp - Mar 1995

Okay this thing starts last fri.

    On Friday, Pat and Pam left for Springvale to visit. This was the place that donated the money for us. So she left me in charge to organize things for Sat. I mean who is driving with whom, getting the correct number of cars, and getting everything there and back. This was quite interesting. See originally, Mike P,Tom, myself, and Pam were supposed to drive. Pam and Pat were going to Cleveland in their car. My car was only supposed to have 1 other person b/c we Liz was flying into Indianapolis from her job conference in Vegas. I was to take one person to keep me awake, then Liz and I and her luggage would travel back. Tom and Mike were supposed to take the other 8. By the time that Pam was leaving - Tom was nowhere to be found and Mike was being indecisive about if he wanted to go or not. So we talked Danny into driving, and I gave everything that I had to take to Pam. It was going to work in just these two cars. Then later that night, Tom returned and said that he was able to drive, which made Danny happy b/c he didn't think that his car could make it. Then out of the middle of nowhere an adult couple from the club said that they were interested in going... so they drove to - so space really wasn't a prob. It was jsut very hectic.
    The drive down was not bad, except for about 1.5 hr traffic delay b/c of construction. I was talking to Pete the whole time. He is so much fun to talk to. So we had a good time driving down. We got there about .5 hour after the social dancing on Sat had started. The social dancing was fun. Saw a lot of old friends and met alot more people going to England. CUA people were there - This means Natalie and Tomas and others. So that was fun, we danced alot. I'm not sure if I told you or not, but there is alot of potential between Natalie and I. So it was after the social that the real fun started.
    We all were staying at Bob Blankmanship's house. He was one of the coordinators of the comp and the boyfriend to Kay Teague, who is a principle organizer for England. We are good friends with him. So at his house were, Me,Liz,Pat,Pam,Pete and Michelle from CMU and Natalie,Tomas,Tony,and Kara from CUA. Also as background info - there is a lot of interested between Liz and Tomas. Tomas is Natalie's partner. One of the best things about Bob's house is that he has an 8 person hot tub.This was a ton of fun. We ended up playing a drinking game called "I never" (I had a coke). The basis of this game is that you say "I never ...." and whoever has done whatever - they have to drink. Sortof a more sophisticated game of true or dare. And let's just say that there were no holds barred. The questions ranged from "I never did illicit drugs" to "I never had sex in public" to "I've never been interested in people in this hot tub" (BTW you could say false negatives, as long as you drank afterwards). Needless to say, I found out a lot about this group. It definately made for solid friendships. Oh, also the entire time in the tub - Natalie sat in my lap and Tomas sat in Liz's - this was cool. So after the hot tub, I got a short kiss from Natalie. It was an awesome kiss, just really short. Liz got a much longer kiss from Tomas though.
    Bakground flashback: The previous week, the week that Liz was gone - I had come to the realization that I loved Liz. And I planned on telling her on the 7 hr car ride on the way back while we were alone. But after some of the things that were said in the hot tub and after the kiss. I was incredibly confused. Confused about what I wanted to do with Natalie, Liz, and how both of them felt towards me, and just a ton of other things. Since I had spent at least 2 hours in the hot tub, and since I needed to think.... I went outside on the porch (it was about 45 degrees out - so it felt good). Liz came out a little later to tell me what happened between her and Tomas. OH, just so you know - that was not why I was confused. Our whole relationship is set up around flirting with other people. I don't have a problem with her and someone else - and she feels the same towards me. But, she did see that I was upset and asked what was wrong.
    I told her that I it was really long, and would work perfectlly for a 7 hour car ride. And at this point, I was so consumed by so many different emotions - that I started to cry. So at this, she asked again. I told her that it was a totally mental vomit and that it probably was not a good time to start. She asked for just a hint of what was going on. And at this point, I could really not hold it in much longer - I'd been thinking about it all week. So I told her that I loved her. She paused for a second - then gave me a big hug. We spent most of the rest of the night sitting outside talking about this (me crying - I just couldn't help it). We talked about things like how I realized this, some of the explainations for my actions over the past month, even the approach I was going to use to tell her in the car. It was a very open and honest talk...(Now b/c this is as much for my record as to inform you - I'm not going to hold back). I'm not sure if I told you what happened between us back in Sept, but it was along similar lines - but the roles reveresed. There was two parts to what we talked about - they are related but can be separated. So we talked about the fact that I loved her and was REALLY going to miss her when she left. I also told her that I wanted her to be my first. Just so you know - Liz is VERY experienced (lots just say that she drank a lot in the tub). So we talked about that for a while too. We were outside for about 2-3 hours. Needless to say - we got very cold... but we were not in a state to deal with people and there were still people up inside. When we did finally go inside about 4:30am, I went to to hot tub to try to regain feeling in my toes. Kay was still up and saw me (I had been crying almost the whole time). (Don't worry I'll mention this later). So then Liz slept in my arms, but I couldn't sleep - not that we were getting much anyways. We had to wake up by 6 to get ready for the comp.
    So on sunday, My body wasn't too happy.  My contacts were killing me from the tears and the lack of sleep. We ended up oversleeping and woke up 30 minutes before the comp started. The comp itself was the most disorganized, confusing thing I've ever been to. The went in a totally random order for the heats, we had to enter by one side of the floor where you couldn't even hear if your number was called or not. There were just a ton of things to make the comp disorganized. Liz and I danced incredibly well though. We got 3rd in Waltz/Quickstep, 3rd in Foxtrot/Tango, 4th in Samba/Jive and 5th in Cha/Rumba. CMU placed 3rd in team matches though. So overall we danced very well.
    Then on the way back, things didn't quite work out as planned and we had two other people in our car. That was okay, b/c I had already had the talk with Liz. It was funny, on the way back all 4 cars got pulled over for speeding and we weren't even caravaning. I was driving too... I didn't get a ticket - b/c it was a nice cop. It was funny though - he gave me a breathalizer. I found that amuzing..I talked with Pete alot on the way back while Liz slept.

Anyways... That was most of it.
I'll fill in the rest of the week later

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