Friday, June 22, 2012

Niagara Comp: May 1996

This weekend was a lot of fun...On sat, Mikey, Pat, Pam and I left for the airport to pick up Neelesh, Pat's friend from Houston. Then since we were running late  - Pam drove.... she was breaking 100 at some points. We all horsed around in the car and talked the whole way. The guard at the border was rather amuzing. He first asked if we were US citizens, then asked where we were going and why. I told him ballroom dance competition, and he looked really confused, I repeated it - and he just went whatever. Pam, who had her face on by this time wanted to lean over and say Ballroom dance while batting her long eyelashes. Then he asked are you carrying a gun, have you ever used a gun, do you have a gun at home, do you have a permit for a gun - and just tons of other really useless questions... We totally thought that he was going to ask us stupid things like our favorite color and such. He let us in after he found out I was a mechanical engineer. It was very bizzare. We met up with Dryden at the hotel and found out that we weren't going to be competing for another 3 hours.

So we went to check in and then have dinner at Perkins (right next door). We were very entertaining (also know as roudy) in the resturant, but it was a lot of fun. Then on the way to the comp... we were running a little bit late for the bronze level (sam, karen, brain, and natasha) - so we were all racing for the comp... Half way there we came to a draw bridge that was up. And the boat must have been going 1 mph.. It took forever to go through the bridge. So as we were waiting - the others used my car as a changing room. The rest of us danced to Morning of Competition in the street. It was all really amuzing. So we fianlly get to the comp - they were running about 1/2 hour late so we had plently of time. They call the bronze dancers out to the floor... Then they said that Sam and Brain were in violation of the rules for only wearing a shirt. They needed a vest or jacket and a tie. Tehy had to borrow from random people. Then we talked to some more people.... WHOA ultra conservative! I think it was just the lady that we talked to, but she was really upset that one of the women on the floor (not ours) was not wearing hose. I also got the feeling that wearing jeans in this place was such a fopaw ( all the guys were... I was even wearing shorts)...

The competition was VERY steep. There were 4 countries represented: Canada, US, Germany, and Chec Republic. I think Mikey and I made a big mistake by dancing gold / open.... we should have done bronze gold. We were in all finals, and got last in all of them. Standards went well, we really didn't have a problem there. Latins we had a problem. Huge collision of muscle memory. I would do my routines / amalgamations and she would do hers and they didn't match. Oh well... we had fun... lots of fun. Just going out and dancing and knowing that we didn't have a prayer. You should have seen the competition.

Pat and Pam competed in Pre-Am and Amatuer. WOW, the amatuer couples were incredible. Pat and Pam didn't stand a chance. They had little flash in comparison. But they danced well and had fun - so I think that it was good last comp for them.

That night we went to a small party in Dryden's room... there were several people from the comp and Bill and Denise there. IT was fun. There was a really good key lime cake for the organizer of the comp. WE talked for a long while thne ended up going to bed around 4:30. Neelesh, Pam, and Pat slept on the bed and Mikey and I slept on the pull out couch. John called us in the morning and invited us to breakfast at the falls, but we were way to tired.

After we had all gotten up and showered we went to have breakfast and look at the falls. We drove around until we found a decent place for breakfast. We got the family platter, LOTS of food and all you can eat pancakes - it was very needed. The we spent a long time walking around the falls. It is really pretty! But wow is it a tourist trap. They have a guiness world records, Ripley's believe it or not, wax museum, and all sorts of other things on the road near the falls. After a long walk around the falls, we got some fudge from Fantasy Fudge funhouse at Pam's suggestion. They had a fudge there called Paso Doble - so Mikey got some for Michael's graduation - it was really good (she got 2)...

Then we drove back. I don't remember much b/c I slept most of the way... I was really exhausted today. We all ate at Pat's when we got back. Then Mikey and I ended up talking for about 2 hours outside of Pat's house as we were trying to leave. All in all - it was a VERY fun weekend.

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