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Delaware Comp: Oct 1996

Delaware 10/5/96

Awards:   (# of couples)
1st Am Smooth Open (2)
2nd Int Standard Open (2)
3rd Int Latin Open (3)
3rd Am Rhythm Open (7)

Way preceded background information... Kim and Kyle broke up. (I did
tell you that Liz and I broke up too - right?)

        I got off work at 12:30 and ran home to pack. Danny came over and said
goodbye to Liz and I before he left for Arizona.. Then me and Liz and
Bryce and Katherine and Jeff loaded up the car and off we went.It was a
fairly long drive and Liz and I spent most of the time catching up. We
danced a little at the social friday and then went to Kim's house.

        It was us, Kim and Kyle and some Delaware folks hanging out... Bryce
and Katherine were there, but they were in another room.. we did the
usual catching up... job description things. Then everybody left (but
Kim of course) because it was obvious that Kyle was unconfortable being
around Kim. I think that they are having a hard time with the friendship
after the relationship.

Anyways... we ended up talking to Kim more and we were all laying on her
bed talking...We all ended up sleeping together and cuddling all
night... it was SO COOL! I was cuddling with Kim! I THROUGHLY enjoyed
that.. Actually I think that I like cuddling so much that I neglect to
listen to what my body wants. Like my body wanted to roll over several
times that night, but everytime I did - it was like a wound spring and I
would just have to go back to cuddling... so I ended up with a sore back
for the rest of the weekend.

        We werent' dancing until 8:30 pm but Bryce and Katherine were dancing
at 10 AM and Kim and Kyle were dancing at 2pm... so we were at the comp
all day. Took a a couple of naps and stuff there... we realized that we
were unfortunatley signed up the 5 dance... that sucked... We had to
dance paso. We don't dance paso - at all... so we spent the whole day
trying to concoct a paso routine. We came up with a decent routine...
but oh did it not work on the dance floor... Complete and utter failure.
We danced really poorly over all (what do expect for not dancing
together for 4 months) We had fun though... talk to K & K lots... Then
there was a really cool workshop on Cha.... learned lots of good
technique stuff...

        That night we went out to dinner... all of CMU and lots of
delaware...We had a really funny conversation.... It started with me
telling my modeling story and about how I had to much hair for them...
Then Liz made a comment about how my head was like a knee (indicating
that the knee was a difficult area to shave and usually ended up cutting
herself). Kim didn't get it at first so we explained (see previous
parenthesis). She said "oh like your achillies tendon" And this started
a huge laughter and conversation about who has hair on their achillies
tendon (obviously Kim does.... she showed us too).... It was just too

Kyle stayed over that night and we talked for a while... Liz and I slept
downstairs this time (more cuddling).

We went to a totally awesome workshop. Same guy a s before... wow did he
work us. He was really funny and really really good. The stuff he told
us seemed so basic that I was kinda pissed that I had never heard it
before. I have a feeling that it is really going to improve my dancing.
We grabbed a quick lunch with K&K and then headed home.

Once we dropped everyone off... we went straight to Pam's. We ended up
going out to a bar for dinner. (This was planned weeks in advance b/c
Pam wasn't going to Delaware). So we (plus Mikey) went to dinner. Liz
and Mikey smoked like there was no tomorrow (Liz had been restricted in
her smoking all weekend - not inside and not in my car :))... So with
her and Mikey and the rest of the smoking section was too much for me.
By the time that we left - I was really nawsious. Didn't feel well at

Now the funny thing... I knew it, Pam knew it, and even Liz knew it...
that as soon as we broke up - our relationship would get better. (Trust
me - it definately follows the liz pattern)... So we ended up having sex
Sunday night. That was GREAT.....And things in my room worked out as I
envioned - the dim lights, the music... everything was great...

We met Pam again for breakfast this morning and I went off to work.
Great weekend... wow... Out of a list of 10 things that on their own
would make a weekend good... at least 7 of them happened... it was a
very fun weekend...

Talk to ya later

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