Friday, June 22, 2012

Delaware Comp: Sept 1995

Key Players:
    Drew & Liz
    Kim & Kyle
    Meridith & Trey

4th Am W
3rd Am F
2nd Am Vw
3rd Int W
4th Int Qs
1st Int T
3rd Int F
1st Am C
4th Am Sw
1st Am Mambo
1st Int R
1st Int Sa
2nd Int C
2nd Int J
2nd Int Pre-champ Latin (C,R,Sa)

Friday was such a hectic day. I woke up early to pick up Sam and Karen (people who were riding in my car on the way down)... B/c they were going to be coming right from campus and I didn't want to delay us. Then I went to try to pick up Liz's shoes, but they weren't ready. I went to Pat's to pick up some stuff... The I went to a meeting. In this meeting, I basically found out that the club is screwed next semester in terms of space. The music dept has taken over the drill deck and there is barely any place for us to dance now. This one is going to be a tricky one. Then I went to class (Biophyiscs).... This was fun. We had started a new topic-a topic on which I happened to do a research paper on in high school - a topic in which the professor also happens to be doing his research on. I got him talking on a tangent for 25 minutes. It was great... he didn't get to cover what he wanted to cover and so we didn't get any homework. Total bonus!!! Then I booked it home, packed and left.

The drive down was okay... Sam is fun to talk to in the car. BTW we were driving to Reading PA, to give a demo at the studio that Tom danced in over the summer. It would have been a fine drive, but there was an 8 car pile up accident, that kept us stopped on the freeway for about an hour. The studio was really cool... It had an ENORMOUS disco ball, really cool artwork, and a great floor. We did our demos, they weren't our best - but the audience still liked them. It was really funny, in the two-step, Liz totally lost her skirt in the last sequence of the routine. She covered it well though (she was wearing a leotard). Unfortunatly - Liz was sick all weekend. That sucked. She had a small fever and sniffles from hell.

We left for delaware that night, down this windy, twisty, dark back roads. It was SO GREAT to see my Delaware friends again. Wow did I have fun this weekend. I think that only about 20% of my time this weekend was spent without my arms around someone. It was SO awesome! So we got there around 12:30 or so... we spent a little bit of time trying to figure out where everyone was going to sleep. We ended up sleeping at Carrie's / Kim's which was totally cool. Kim stayed with her boyfriend/partner so as to free up a bed. That was nice, but it would have been really cool to have them both there. Anyways, we all ended up having a bed to sleep on. That was great! Carrie, Liz and I stayed up fairly late hanging out and talking.

This was a no costume comp... so that basically ment that they ran everything together. We didn't even have time to change clothes. We danced very well. We placed in everything that we danced. Our waltz felt the smoothest that it ever has. Our tango, felt the most staccato and very tango. It was great! And there should be a lot of pictures of us as well. This comp was a high school, and pre-teen one as well... Those kids are to damn good. There was one they did this syncopation in Jive.. their feet just disappeared. There was this one high school guy that was a total stud. Liz was totally drooling over this guy. Although she never did work up the nerve to ask him to dance. Then we went out to dinner at Friendly's. That was fun... nothing notable- just fun.

That night there was a social for the people who remained around. This was great. They had all sorts of fun dances. Things like the reverse role tango, the silly samba (handshake hold only), the rightous rumba (how many times you could say oh god, or other religious things), the runchy rumba... It was a lot of fun. Afterwards, we helped clean up and then we went over to Kyle's apartment to watch a movie.

We watched Airplane, but everyone passed out before the plane even took off the ground. Liz was sleeping on me, but she said that I was too hot (esp w/ her fever)... so I moved to the floor so that she could lie down. The only floor space though was a narrow space between the couch and coffee table. It was rather uncomfortable....I'm such a nice guy. After the movie, we came back to Carrie's to crash.

We woke for the workshops. Tehy were really well done. I can't really describe what we learned, but there was some very cool points made. But we were SO sore and tired sunday. We could barley move. We went to Bennigan's for Brunch. We ended up spending 3.5 hrs there just hanging out. It was great. We talked about all sorts of things, mostly related to dancing and our clubs and stuff... but it was so great.

Driving back was fun. Danny and I talked the entire time. It didn't even seem like a long trip at all. We drove through Amish country... that was kinda cool. At least at first. I was getting a little annoyed at all the buggy's and blind corners that I couldn't pass them on though.

Oh, I forgot to mention... one of the kids (an 8 yr old). Came up to us and said that we were really good dancers. The look in his eyes was a total "Wow- I got to talk to you, you are my idol" kinda look. It was cool.

Dude, I love the Delaware team. They are all so much fun.


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