Friday, June 22, 2012

Indianapolis Comp: 1995

You know.... there is just something in the indianapolis air that makes the Indy trip unique everytime.

Key people
Drew & Liz
Pat & Pam
Kim Innman

Other people who went
Michelle (from CUA)
Tom & Stephannie
Mike P and Angie
Laura & Will
Fei & Sergei

Awards / Places
3rd Int Latin Prechamp (4 dance)
3rd Am W/F Open
2nd Mambo open
2nd Am Rhythm PreChamp (5 dance)
4th Int W/Qs
4th Int T
1st Team Match

I found out Thurs night that I would be going to Indy the next day. Liz calls me sounding all cute and stuff and doesn't actually say it - she let's me do that... but we ended up going to Indy. It was so much fun. Definately worth the trip. So it ended up that Liz started driving. All of us had work to do... and get this - We actually worked in the car. Granted it was only about 30-45 minutes tops... but that was enough for me to get all my reading done. Pat & Pam had a very nice wrestling match in the backseat of the Van...

Then Pat drove the rest of the way. Liz and I moved to the back to go to sleep. And Wrestle alittle bit. Danny said that he couldn't believe that he had to ride the whole time with these 2 crazy couples. We slept a little and choreographed a Jive routine and added some stuff to our Cha. During the drive there... well things got interesting again. I spent most of the time sleeping on Liz... At one point during the trip... I looked up at her - and the next thing that I know we were kissing. That was REALLY cool. Completely out of the dark. But hey - I'm not going to complain.

There was a social that night. Liz and I being completly tired didn't really dance all out. We practiced our Jive routine a little (the one we made up in the car, and walked through once, when we filled up for gas) All of us (see above list) stayed at Kim's. She was the one that was organizing the comp. We met her last time and became good friends with her. Liz and I slept on the floor in Kim's bedroom... The floor is VERY uncomfortable. I think I lost a lot of the padding that I used to have that made the floor more bearable. Liz and I kissed a little more and then we went to bed. Well it turns out, that Liz ended up with a hicky (whoops :) )... I fairly good sized one two (oh well)... So she had to put on extra make-up to cover it up. That was amuzing... So now that EVERYBODY knew....Not that I'm complaining.

Funny Side note: Kim has a 3 yr old son (staying at Grandma's while we were there) and her house is very tailored for that fact. So for us to take a shower... well we pretty much had to gag the fish that was on the tub faucet so that we could get to the little switch that would turn on the shower. Then when the shower was done, and the little switch fell, the fish would all of a sudden upchuck water. Very Amuzing!!

Sat, we started with Int Latin. That is so wrong. You just can't move your hips that much the first thing in the morning. We did okay... not wonderful b/c it was first thing. And we really like Latin so of course we didn't do well in it. Pat and Pam who are total smooth dancers... of course walloped us in Latin. BTW our Jive routine is rather difficult at tempo. We discovered this on the floor. For our Am F and Am W all that we did was the only move that we know, which we learned one week earlier in the new Am comp class that the club offers.

Of course, you know with a two day comp... there just isn't enough time to schedule lunch. So when we had a brief moment we ran out to the car and had a small tailgate party with PB&J sandwiches and a handfull of chips. A hardy meal for all day dancing I'd say.

That evening we went to a workshop put on by Shirly Johnson (of Bill Sparks and Shirly Johnson fame)... she was one of the judges. She did an advanced bolero and mambo workshop. Now bolero, I know from nothing... But it was a really cool routine, and It happended to stick... And we happened to compete in it the next day... but I'll get there. I don't remember any of the mambo because I was so tired and ravenously hungry by this point in time.

All of us ate at some Pizza place. And we were all very well behaved group of people at this restuarant (yeah - right). It was rather amuzing. No one had eaten or drank much during the day. We order like 4 or 5 pitchers of (Diet Coke, Coke, Lemonade, Water, Beer, and maybe one or two others)... They were empty before the waitress made the second trip (ie she brought out 4 of them and was going back to get the last 1 or 2 and all the others were gone) Kinda amuzing. Then somehow the question came up asking how many people that you had kissed (good wet ones). So we all went around and told. Then Pam complained that if we had counted since school she'd be at zero. Then Liz said that she would be too.... And several people promptly dissagreed with her and pointed to her neck... Her response was, "Oh - I thought we were counting new people".... Kinda amuzing.

Gaged the fish again (ie took a shower), then went to sleep on the futon. Pat and Pam switch with us. So we got a semi comfy bed to sleep on. Everyone that night was complaining about " I can't believe we have to do this SHIT all over again". So again we woke up early and competed Am Rythm first. Hips and mornings are still a no no. We did okay. We got second in Mambo... which is really funny... Since I salsa dance I have a really hard time in mambo. Salsa breaks on the 3 and mambo on the 2... Liz was counting for me the entire time... and we really didn't do much more then basics. Then we did the 5 dance pre champ, am rhythm. This is Rumba,cha,bolero,mambo, swing. The rumba we did our team match american rumba routine, cha was our normal open routine, bolero was the stuff we learned at the workshop the day before, mambo was basics again, and swing was our jive routine (which is much easier to swing tempo). We ended up getting second in almost all of the dances.... Bolero?!! What's up with that. I don't even know the basic, I asked what the timing was minutes before we competed in it... I jsut don't understand..

Then Int smooths were kinda exciting (not)... For some reason they ran our heats first... Then they ran everyone elses. Well during this time, We were all exhausted and Pam, Pat, and I fell asleep in the chairs. Liz was drousy but fighting it. The next thing I know... they were calling us back for some of the dances. There was no warning or any indication that we were going to be dancing... It was literally wake up and get on the floor and dance. As we were walking out to the floor I said, loud enough for the front table to hear "thanks for the warning" I was kinda annoyed.

The funny thing was that we beat Pat & Pam in all of the smooth. We are totally a latin couple. So I think that we should switch. We should practice smooth and they should practice latin. maybe then we'd actually win the ones we care about more.

On the way back, I ended up sleeping almost the entire way because I was sniffiling/sneezing pretty bad and I needed to rest. That night when we got back, we totally crashed. But the really cool thing about this night was that Liz actually initiated some of the cuddling... that has never happened before. That was really cool!

I basically slept through most of Monday. I woke up, went to class, slept in class, came home, took a 4 hr nap, woke up, went to comp class, ate dinner, slept the rest of the night. So basically I missed Monday, which has totally thrown my entire schedule out of kilter.

Oh well....

I'll talk to ya later

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