Friday, June 22, 2012

Cleveland Comp: Apr 1996

Spingvale 96

    We drove right from school to Springvale ballroom. We had a great dinner that they served to us... They are way to nice. We foxtroted for a little while - that's pretty much the only dance that they do there. For the demos we did
the mambo,
50's Jive
50's Cha
Waltz solo
Cha solo - Me and Liz
Tango solo
African Vwaltz
Foxtrot solo

The floor is very slippery... many people slipped. Mike and Mikey totally wiped out during the charleston. It was fun

That night we had a party in our room. It was a fun - clean too.. We did impersanations of the ballroom team members. It was a riot. Lots of fun.

The next day we totally got to sleep in. Then we had a group lesson with Johnny-O.. that was entertaining. They feed us dinner again. A wonderful prime rib dinner... wow!

The demos this night were much much better. The charleston was really funny. Pam's dress came undone during the charleston. It was hilarious we kept trying to fix it but the safety pin kept popping open right before Pam had to go back on (there were several sections where the guys go and the girls go).It was such a sight! It was fun to watch everyone change... it is such an interesting dynamic. Completely unhibited... not that you are naked for that long. It was kinda fun.

We had another party that night as well. It wasn't as fun this time - we just hung out and talked a lot ... not really a group effort though.

We drove back incredibly early the next day. I ended up only sleeping and going to meetings all day Sun.

It was fun... although hard to describe.
Another fun time at Springvale

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